The German Chancellor Chooses BlackBerry 10

Angela Merkel holding a BlackBerry Z10
Angela Merkel holding a BlackBerry Z10 (image courtesy of the official BlackBerry Twitter account)

In light of revelations of NSA wiretapping of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone, the BBC has reported that she has opted for a BlackBerry Q10.  To ensure against any further tapping, her Q10 is outfitted with additional encryption via Secusmart’s crypto chip (see here for additional information on the Secusmart product).  In case you’re wondering why Merkel is holding a Z10 in the photo, the German government purchased as many as 40,000 specially outfitted Z10’s with the Secusmart solution as well.

Not everyone requires the  level of security needed by heads of state; for every day consumers and enterprise users, BlackBerry devices “come standard with 256-bit encryption, secure message routing through our NOCs (Network Operation Centers), and other features. That’s why we have won 45 security certifications, more than any other vendor, including the only coveted “Full Operational Capability” certificate to run on U.S. Department of Defense networks ever granted to a mobile vendor.”

Honestly, is there any other choice?  As a security conscious consumer, I feel safer using a BlackBerry device, from apps free of malware in BlackBerry World, to encrypted instant messaging via BBM.  NATO trusts BlackBerry, all seven of the G7 governments trust BlackBerry, 16 of the G20 governments rely on BlackBerry security, more security certifications than any other vendor, the only MDM vendor to obtain ATO on US Defense networks; you can trust BlackBerry too.


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