The Final Joker Trailer

Joaquin Phoenix ruins the legendary comics villain.

A new trailer for the upcoming Joker movie was released yesterday. Todd Phillips directs the screenplay he co-wrote with Scott Silver. Phillips is best known for “Borat” and “The Hangover” trilogy. I wish he would have stayed the course with those types of movies.

Judging from social media reaction to the trailer, the world seems excited for the movie. For me, the latest trailer just shows more footage that furthers my complaints from the first trailer.

This film appears to be an experiment in justifying evil. Here we have one of the cruelest and most evil villains from comics history. How can we tell a story which will justify his actions? How can we turn a villain into a victim? Those questions seem to be the motivation behind this story. And my only question, is why? What better an example of 2019 than attempting to make one of the world’s most legendary fictional villains into a victim?

Joker arrives October 4th. I won’t be there. Will you?


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