The FCC Wants an End to Robocalling Now

The FCC has sent letters to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint addressing concerns about Robocall blocking.
Robocalls are those annoying automated phone calls which we get all to frequently. All too often, these Robocalls are nothing more than scams. The FCC states that they receive hundreds of thousands of complaints each year about these calls, and they now want phone carriers to do something about it.

Previously, phone carriers had stated that instituting a robocall blocker may lead to technical issues. This letter from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler addresses those issues specifically, by stating that robocall blocking should be an opt-in method by which users choose to save themselves from these calls at the possible risk of missing other calls.

The FCC has given these carriers 30 days to respond, and this time, they are not wanting PR responses. Instead the FCC is demanding “concrete, actionable solutions to address these issues”

It doesn’t sound like the FCC is playing around this time.




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