The Fappening, Keeps Happening…


Bad news before the iPhone 6 launch, bad news afterwards.

And some would say during to be honest, that’s if you could hear them above a Chinese translator.

Those Apple iCloud hacks just keep on coming. This time it’s nudie pics of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Hope Solo and Jennifer Lawrence gracing the interwebs with no thought to the privacy or feelings of those involved.

It’s happening that often, even BGR are struggling to find excuses…

How did all this happen? We’re still not exactly sure, although earlier this month a man claiming to be the hacker behind the leaks said that it was an operation that took “several months” of planning. There’s been some speculation that a Python script that popped up on Github last month could have been used to execute “brute force” attacks against the celebrities’ iCloud accounts in which hackers basically repeatedly guessed at the celebrities’ passwords until they found the right ones.

Apple has insisted that it’s not at fault for the massive hack but it’s nonetheless vowed to take extra measures to help users keep their data secure

Of course it’s not Apple’s fault.Those stupid customers just foolishly trusted them.

Celebrities must be wondering what on earth they have to do to keep their privacy, well, private.

The answer, is simple.

Take one iPhone.

Drop it in the bin.

Get yourself a phone that’s never been hacked…

And buy a BlackBerry.


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  • Poita316

    Guess that previous hack was indeed a hack and the innovation new security feature, 2 stage verification, was hacked too.
    Can Apple, and the media, just admit Apple sucks harder than a Dyson when it comes to security?
    And can SOMEBODY at BlackBerry’s PR / marketing get some of these victims / celebs a fully beefed up Z10 / Z30 so they will never have any stuff leak? Thank you.

  • Reverend Grim

    Oh no… and we all thought fApple were telling the truth… oh weepy weepy, waily waily! We didn’t see this coming did we?
    Boo hoo hoo!
    Come on people! Pull the wool from your eyes!
    And fApple… wait for the sermon! locco_smiley_18

    • Poita316

      Maybe Apple can compensate customers by giving them a free album on iTunes.

      • ital1

        Lol! I see what you did there. Haha

      • Robert

        Bwahahaha…good one and thanks for bringing this up. Thanks to Apple’s stupidity, U2 only had a little over 6,000 purchased downloads of their new album and Apple lost over millions of dollars on royalties.

        I say this to fApple…as the old saying goes…”Smooth move ExLax”

  • ital1

    All jokes aside, this is a terrible violation of people’s privacy. Instead of owning up to it Tim Cook goes on a media interview roadshow to proclaim their security and privacy measures. The sad thing is that they have everyone brainwashed.


    Funny that the press is not making such a big deal of this second leak as they did about the first. Could it be that the press is one of Apple’s biggest supporters and are totally in the bin for them?

    One can only imagine how the press would react to a BlackBerry breach of security and how they would harp and criticize, comparing the collapse of BlackBerry security to the minor ripples in the apple system.

    I make myself want to puke.