The Fappening is Happening Again

Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried victims of a new theft of stolen personal photos.

Three years after the first incident, The Fappening 2.0 is happening all over again. In the first incident, numerous celebrities found themselves the victims of a hack that found their very private photos made very public on the internet. The 2014 incident was blamed on week security on the celebs iCloud accounts. It’s now happening again.

The first two victims on the list appear to be Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried. Claimed photos of the celebs are now being posted on 4Chan and Reddit. Watson’s lawyers have verified that some of the photos of Watson are legitmate, taken during a swimsuit fitting, and denying the existence of any nude photos of the star. As of now, Seyfried has yet to make a statement. But those that are passing these stolen photos are not being as quiet. Those that are posting these images are stating that there will be many more images, of many more celebrities linked over the next few days.

The first Fappening was no small news story. Many celebrities found themselves exposed in the worst possible way. Discussion over how this had happened carried on in the years since, and yet it appears that the same thing is happening all over again. It’s not yet known if these images were obtained in the same method used in the last breach. We do not know if these photos were stolen yet again from iCloud, although in the verified Watson images, her photos were being taken with an iPhone.

Why weren’t they more careful? How did these celebrities allow themselves to be victims of yet another such breach? Is it possible that these celebrities, knowing full well of the last breach of iCloud accounts, could actually be storing their images on iCloud again? I’m disheartened to think that this might potentially be the case.

Let’s hope that authorities can track down those responsible this time before too much damage is done.



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