The Explainer Explains It All! …Or Not…


I read an interesting article today titled Explainer: Which phone is most vulnerable to malware? With title like that, of course I had to read! Would it be an article that I sided with? Or an article that I would need to argue with. Strangely enough, it was both.

The author, er… Explainer smartly starts out as he should when talking about malware, with Android. He states android has about 80% of total market share… what? uhm… in China…

The bad news is that the Android platform has the most malware.

Yup. He’s right. But he goes on to say that Google has a good handle on the apps that go on Google Play. That’s something we hear all the time from Phandroids, but anyone that remembers the fiasco that happened when BBM was being released on Google Play knows that’s not true.

Next up, iPhone! Well the Explainer says that as long as you haven’t jail broken your iPhone, you’re relatively safe from Malware. Unfortunately, he doesn’t talk about the security holes that seems to be discovered on a daily basis with iPhone recently,

Window’s Phone takes a turn with the Explainer! Window’s Phone, is not yet safe, however, since it has such a small market share, it’s simply not worth the effort of the malware designers. Glad the Explainer explained that to me.

And finally, the reason I read the article! What can the Explainer have to say about the most secure platform out there? In it’s entirety:

Once very popular, Blackberry has been overtaken by Android and iPhone on the smartphone market. But its diminishing cool in fact makes it safer to use. Blackberry has been largely unaffected by malware, partly because of its diminishing market position.

Blackberries use Java and developer RIM does give advice on potential threats. There have been some noted attacks relying on spam to trick users into downloading a Trojan which then compromises their phone. So if there are any Blackberry users left, they should take a look at the advice and apply the same caution to opening emails as they would normally.

What?? Wait a minute…. uhm… what? Was this article written in 2004? No, no it wasn’t, it was 2014. Ok, can we get an Explainer for the Explainer? BlackBerry has been “largely unaffected” due to it’s market share… nothing to do with it’s security features? BlackBerry uses Java? And… Rim? Oh my. Has the Explainer ever heard of BB10?

I’m suddenly reminded of a 5 year old explaining how cars work.

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    What a ridiculous twit!

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    Nice to see some spainin is required…love the part in his final paragraph about staying current and with the times….what? LOL