The EU may be getting free roaming! Well except for the UK….

Ever hear of the old saying- be careful what you wish for, lest it come true? Well in this case the Brits may have left the EU just a tad too soon.

The EU has been trying to address roaming rates since 2007 with various iterations of the roaming bill being introduced all for naught. But earlier today the European Commission announced there would be free roaming effective June 2017. Due to the existence of commuters, ex-pats, and students, Europeans will have to provide some type of documentation proving they have a link to a certain country. For example, Switzerland is not part of the EU so they end up paying some of the highest roaming rates. By requiring proof where a person is domiciled it will prevent the Swiss from claiming to live in neighboring countries. The fear is that the UK will find itself in a similar situation when they leave the EU. I realize there are other benefits for the UK to leave the EU (referred to as Brexit – British Exit) on the financial side like not having to prop up other, weaker economies which in effect help to drag down the UK economy.

It will be interesting to see how this rolls out in reality and what moves the UK (and possibly Switzerland) take to address the free roaming issue. Maybe they should colonize Brussels and simply take over the EU….






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