The End of Tizen?

th1J5B3HGZPoor Samsung just can’t catch a break! First, the mega release of their band aid inspired flagship the Galaxy S5, was basically a failure due to not being much of an upgrade at all. I’m not sure why, that strategy seems to work for Apple. Then Samsung had to drop Knox when the great idea of securing Android proved to be just an impossible task. Knox Knox, who’s there? Not Samsung, that’s for sure. Now, their own OS Tizen has been delayed once again, with no release date in site.

Tizen was originally slated to be launched in Japan, and was cancelled. Now it was set to be released in Russia, only to be cancelled.

I remember when the Z10 was delayed, and how quick the media was to call BlackBerry dead. Now with Tizen delayed twice, and this time, with no word of any future release, coupled with two fairly severe recent failures, the future is not looking too bright for Samsung.



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