The End of the Built for BlackBerry Program


The Built for BlackBerry badge has been something that developers have been proud to have on their apps. Something which users have used to let us know the apps we were downloading were quality apps. Today developers received an email informing them that the program is coming to an end.

As of today, no new submissions will be accepted for the program, and any apps currently in review, will not be reviewed further. Apps currently bearing the Built for BlackBerry moniker will remain that way until 2/29/16 at which time that will go away as well.

While I’m sorry to see the Built for BlackBerry program come to an end, it is understandable. BlackBerry is currently focusing on programs with generate revenue, and as much as I like knowing that an app has received BlackBerry’s stamp of approval, it’s obvious that this was not a revenue generating program.

BlackBerry states in the email that they are continuing to assess new opportunities for developers to market their apps. Let’s hope for something bigger and better than Built for BlackBerry.


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