The Crunchy Troll

Today, TechCrunch, posted an article titled  “BlackBerry Update Adds FM Radio, Because Why Not?

And that’s the most positive thing I can say about the article. This… journalist, Matt Burns, simply can’t keep his uninformed bias hidden. From the first sentence, where he speaks of the “dozens of remaining BlackBerry fans” to claiming that BlackBerry will likely stop updating consumer devices, he shows that he has absolutely no knowledge on the subject. That clearly visible fact does nothing to stop him from writing this blurb though.

Today was a big day for Team BlackBerry. The official release of 10.2.1 across multiple carriers across the globe. If you’re reading this, you know the types of things that this has brought to our phones. If for some reason you have not seen what all the update brings, just read this for a quick rundown.

But with all this information, good ‘ol Matt Burns decided to focus on one aspect, FM Radio. A big day for BlackBerry, a day that it’s “dozen’s” of fans have been waiting for. Really, enough information and changes that a nice big article could have been written, and Matt decided to point to FM radio, and use four paragraphs as a way to bash BlackBerry, it’s users, and give the impression that BlackBerry is done.

We have seen some remarkable things coming from BlackBerry recently since the arrival of Chen. Most remarkable, is that it is showing signs of life and a fighting spirit that many of us were afraid might be gone. So we need to prepare ourselves, because as we are seeing this change occur, so is the troll media. They will take every pot shot, every chance to insult, every low jab they can, in the hopes of changing one more consumer’s mind about possibly buying a BlackBerry.

What are fans to do? Those of us that want BlackBerry to succeed? Not because we have any financial stake in the company, but because we know what phones work for us, and wish to continue getting them? We need to educate ourselves and know things as simple as the fact that the 10.2.1 update was in fact more than adding an FM radio to a few models. And if we hear someone repeating statements from something like this troll article, let people know just how much of a joke that article is. Better yet, show them. Let our BlackBerries  do the talking for us, we all know they’re fully capable of that.


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