The Connected Home

With many people looking to ease their busy schedules somewhat many are looking to automate life a bit. This may be a good thing, but it will leave us open to the insecurities of the internet. I did a bit of window shopping today at some major retailers looking at such things as alarm and security systems, remote web cams, thermostats as well as devices that let you control almost anything that can be connected to a power supply or WiFi.

What I found was a bit disturbing (some of it iOS, which I don’t believe is secure at all) and then some which made me feel a bit better.  Much of it works on Android and Google has recently purchased one of the major players here (Nest).

The only reason this makes me feel a bit better is the fact that a far as the controlling device goes (the smartphone) we have a secure option, BlackBerry and Detek.


Here’s where I ask for your, the reader’s, help. This segment will be somewhat interactive as in I will research and write about what you want to see. So either through comments or here in Forum let me know what you want. Be it the security of the whole concept or what kinds of devices are available.

Thanks Nik


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