The Community Unites With a Thunderclap


Two days in to the #BB10Slider4Us, and once again, I am amazed by the BlackBerry community. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting this type of participation. With a goal of 100 supporters we are, at the time of this writing sitting at 491% of our goal! That’s right, 489 sign ups for our goal of getting a BlackBerry Priv with BB10 software on it.

Within those sign ups, we have multiple BlackBerry blogs, from all over the world, BlackBerry app developers, some of the most vocal in our community, and even some of those ‘silent fans’. With 11 days to go, this could be a record breaking show of support for (and from) our community.

We want a #BB10Slider4US, and I truly hope it can be done, and we can make it happen. But there is something more important taking place here. Our community is fractured. People are responding to BlackBerry’s first foray in to Android territory in many different ways. Some positive, some negative, and most unfortunate, infighting within the community. Even some of the more popular blogs out there are reporting the end of BB10. This is not the case.

BB10 is not dead. Many people are misquoting John Chen. I ask everyone to go back and watch all the interviews with him from the previous week, but watch it with a different set of eyes, a different set of expectations. Most of us watched the announcement with a sense of dread, an expectation that we would be told BlackBerry was transitioning to Android. Personally, I blame this on the numerous leaks that were occurring before the earnings call. Once again, due to those community members looking for their own fame, BlackBerry was not able to control the message. The message was already out, and I believe it was incorrect. Chen is very forthcoming that his goal is to offer users a choice, something BlackBerry has always offered, albeit this is the first time we are seeing it with an OS that BlackBerry does not own.

BlackBerry Android phones will be an important tool to be used in BlackBerry’s upcoming battle. And I do believe it will be a battle. I believe BlackBerry is finally ready to go on the offensive, instead of the defensive, in the smartphone wars. With BB10, the worlds best mobile OS, and an Android phone that allows all the apps that have been BlackBerry’s greatest weakness, BlackBerry can offer something to everyone. If the Android phone was BlackBerry admitting defeat, would Marty Beard, COO of BlackBerry, be Tweeting a smashed iPhone? I don’t believe so. I believe that Tweet is from someone that is ready to go to battle.

And the BlackBerry community needs to be ready to join BlackBerry in this battle.

When the Thunderclap hits, it will do two very important things. It will deliver a message to BlackBerry that we are still here and are anxious for our next BB10 device, and it will help us identify each other. As we look at our social media feeds, and see the unifying message being delivered, we will see who is there and is ready to fight for BlackBerry. We will see our brothers and sisters who will be at our sides as we promote and fight for the brand we love. We will also see who is not there.

We have 11 days left before the Thunderclap hits. How many more can we get to join our ranks?

If you haven’t done so, join the campaign here.



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