The CANtroller? Beer you can play with…

Miller Lite brought something no one ever asked for.

Perhaps the biggest headscratcher to come out of E3 this week, came in a can. Miller Lite debuted and gave away their new Cantrollers.

What is the cantroller? It’s a beer can, that doubles as a gaming controller.

Yes. A beer can that doubles as a gaming controller.

A 12-ounce, beer-filled, bluetooth beer can allows users (drinkers?) to manipulate the haptic keys on the side to play their favorite games.

There’s a place for batteries to keep your game going for up to 3 hours. The can is completely able to be refridgerated, because beer is better cold. Miller Lite recommends that the can be full during gameplay for best gaming experience, but said it will work either way.

“With some 40% of gamers already drinking beer while they play, we’re taking it to the next level by offering them a fun way to enjoy Miller Lite while they play their favorite games,” says Justine Stauffer, a senior manager on Miller Lite. 

The cantrollers are meant to be novelty and not made for long-term use, but they are built to be used. The devices (drink receptacles?) were given away to winners of a special competition. If (21+) fans beat comedian/gamer Eric Andre in a Street Fighter battle, they won the cantroller.

Miller Lite is building it’s presence in the gaming and eSports communities. In conjunction with this release, they are launching their own Twitch channel. They have sponsored large-scale trivia events, hosted “happy hours” on Twitch, and designed a series of gamer merch to build their customer base in this growing demographic.

The can was designed in partnership with Unit 9. It utilizes flexible circuit board technology and allows pairing with gaming consoles and computers. It was originally limited edition, but there are rumors that Miller Lite may make several hundred more after seeing the E3 response.


Erica Davis

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