The Building Block Phone That Can’t Be Built, Project Ara Suffers Another Setback


Although it seems to be the buzzword du jour, Innovation is hard to come by in the mobile market these days. HTC’s One, should just be called the Again. Samsung thought that it would be really innovative by having two curved edges instead of only one. And Apple, as we all know, has been producing the same phone for years, with prior years tech. Not so surprisingly, the big iPhone news of today is that the new iPhone won’t bend as easily as before.

So innovative!!

Meanwhile, the most innovative phone to hit the market in recent years, the BlackBerry Passport, has received a bit of a facelift in the Silver Edition. Had Apple made the changes BlackBerry did, Timmy Cook would have had to make an announcement and iDiots would be lined around streetcorners to get the newest-bestest iPhone ever! *sigh*

There has been another phone tossing around out there for a while though. Something I would truly call innovative. And it’s coming from the Google camp.

Project Ara as it’s called now, formerly Phone Bloks, I have to admit, is a neat idea. The phone I liken to a set of Legos. In case you haven’t seen it, the phone’s components can be swapped out. Want a bigger camera? Get a new camera block. Need a faster processor? Get a new processor block.

I could see this being a big hit with some consumers. Especially those consumers that tend to break things. And of course, those consumers that want Android. But what I can’t see, is how the phone block makers will be making money from it. How many varieties of blocks will need to be made? How many blocks will need to be sold? How many blocks will sit in inventory needing to be sold?

Well, we won’t find out anytime soon. Project Ara has been pushed back. It seems there are more ‘iterations’ than expected… and the components wear out, and there’s a 30% loss of power simply moving info between the components. Well, that doesn’t sound good.

Project Ara has now been pushed back to some undetermined time in 2016. So again, we’re left waiting to see innovation from the Google camp, which honestly, kudos to Google, since we’ve completely given up on Apple.

Source: BBC


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