The Black Dot of Death Makes it’s Way to iPhones

The infamous Black Dot does a little more damage to iOS than Android.

A short time ago, we told you about a prank message that was being shared within WhatsApp on Android phones that was reminiscent of so many previous glitches we’ve seen on iOS devices. With this single message, daring users to touch the black dot, WhatsApp would stutter and freeze. Luckily, closing the app and restarting it fixed the problem. The same can’t be said for iPhones.

In that previous post, I called it “an iPhone-like bug”. In that post, I explained why Android users should feel lucky that this was all that was required to fix it, since previous bugs on iPhones required much more work. Since then, we’ve discovered a little more about the bug on Android. Primarily, that it affects more than just WhatsApp. A few messengers were tested and all suffered the same fate. Yes, I know what you’re asking yourself, even BBM can be made to stutter or even force close once the message is received and pressed. Again, all that must be done to correct the issue, is to reopen the app.

Well, someone didn’t want to leave Apple out of the fun, and made a Black Dot prank for the iPhone. This time, instead of HTML code, the black dot hides an extremely long string of Unicode characters Apple’s Messages app simply can’t handle. Yes, that’s right. It is the exact same exploit that’s been used time and time again on iPhones. And once again, on iPhones, it’s not a simple case of shutting down the app and opening it again.

The bug will cause messages to crash, and will crash each and every time the user attempts to open the app. Even a reboot will not correct the error. Instead, users need to either use 3D Touch or Siri to finagle a way to delete the message without actually opening the Messages app.

Not a day goes by that I don’t get some sort of reminder that I’m glad I’m using Android over iOS. Today, that reminder is the Black Dot of Death.

Source: Mashable


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