The Benefits that the Good Technology Acquisition Provides to BlackBerry


How does the acquisition of Good Technology actually help BlackBerry? This is a question that many have asked since BlackBerry made that announcement at the beginning of last month. With BlackBerry’s recent acquisition of Good Technology it is increasing its presence, dominance and technological offerings in the Enterprise Mobility Management area.

It does fit into CEO John Chen’s strategy of increasing BlackBerry’s revenue pipelines with software and services playing an ever increasing role.

In the V3 Technology magazine from the UK, Good Technology CEO, Christy Wyatt was recently interviewed and she provided her perspective.



“This is a really interesting opportunity because we have a lot of shared DNA with a high regard for security and an ability to work with very large enterprise organisations,” she said.

“What was interesting is that, despite being two organisations that had tried to solve the same problem we had solved it from very different perspectives and they actually ended up being very complementary.”

If one objectively looks at the Good Technology acquisition from a technology standpoint, it actually does complement BlackBerry’s BES12 solution by removing one of its limitations.  The Good Technology MDM solution provides security at the application level rather than the containerized approach that BES12 provides. This approach was one aspect of MDM security that BES12 had not implemented as yet and by purchasing Good, it allows them to achieve that rather than having to build it from scratch.  In addition, Good Technology already has the enterprise level security certificates, so their technology does not need to be re-certified.

The other aspect to this purchase is Good Technology’s customer base. BES12 has a very large Android customer base, but a much smaller ios customer base when compared with Good Technology.  So by acquiring Good, BlackBerry significantly increases its presence in securing ios devices among enterprise customers.

In the recent ReCode interview with Walt Mossberg and Ina Fried, BlackBerry CEO John Chen made the following statement in justifying the purchase of Good Technology at the 14:51 mark

Source: ReCode Interview


[Ina Fried]
And you guys do some of that today. I mean that BES works across ios, Android… Why are you going ahead with buying Good Technology, a competitor in that space? What do they bring?

[John Chen]
That’s an excellent question. If you look at the BlackBerry enterprise server. We started with BB10 and BBOS obviously and less than a year ago on November 12th, we announced the BES12 which is a cross-platform. We have been doing very well increasing Android subscribers onto that and licenses.

We do some ios, but one of our competitors does very well in ios, which is Good. And I think about 70% or 64% of all their outstanding licenses are all on ios devices, iPad and iPhone. We want to be really known as cross-platform and that’s the best way to serve the customers.

[Walt Mossberg]
That was the real reason you bought them?

[John Chen]
And their security certificates. There are only 2 companies in the so called MDM/EMM space that are very very focused on the security certificates because of the customers we serve. Not only the government customers, but the financial customers and the medical customers that we serve.

So those are the synergy there. Now they also do very well on application server and I came very late on application, the wrapper. They have wrapper for 2,000 apps, I don’t. I was on a path to do that so I don’t need to do that anymore.


As you can see from both Good Technology CEO Christy Wyatt and BlackBerry CEO John Chen that the Good Technology acquisition actually provides a synergy that will benefit BES12 from both a technological and a customer base.  My expectation is that this will be one of the critical pieces that will be key to furthering BlackBerry’s dominance in the Enterprise Mobility Management area.



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