The Android Fallacy


I was recently invited to a new BBM group. Typically, the groups I’m invited to are generally full of people that I’ve been in groups with before, or am even currently in groups with, and our own internal groups can be so active at times, I tend to not join new groups. However, the person that invited me was one of my oldest BBM friends, so I joined right up. And what a different group it is! I think there are only three people in the group that I previously knew. Well of course, I needed to get to know these people.

Within the second day of my stay in the group, something happened that hasn’t happened to me before. I found that a couple of people are on Samsung Android devices! *gasp*

I am in groups with several people that use multiple devices. Several even within UTB have devices of the iOS, Android, and WP varieties. But in these cases, it is a spare device or a family member’s device, something to play with, and is never spoken of kindly. One of our bloggers on the Geek site uses Android as his primary device. But that was because he broke his BB10 device and couldn’t get his hands on a replacement right away. No worries though, he will be back on BB10 in about two weeks! Thanks Jon!

I was shocked to hear these new people in this new group are on Android and like it! They’re on Android on purpose! And by choice! One went so far to proclaim she used to be an avid BlackBerry fan for years, and chose to move to Android and would never return to BlackBerry.

Well, there’s a few UTB members in that group by now, and she was immediately questioned as to why? The answer amazed me.

“After the last update they did when I had it, there was a cost to every app. I love music, and I was not gonna pay for it. I paid enough for songs and other apps. So, I switched to an android,which I researched, and I love my Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active.”

Yes. That happened.

She left BlackBerry because apps and music had a cost.

There are two ways to take this. The first, obvious way, is simple piracy. We all know that there are people out there that don’t want to pay for apps and music, and they will steal it. And regardless of the numerous justifications that these people will proclaim, at the end of the day, it is theft. And if you’re one of those people that choose to steal from others fro your own enjoyment, well, Android is typically the OS of choice.

And these ‘media thieves’ fail to realize something. The very aspects of Android, that makes it so easy to steal, makes it equally as easy for others to steal from them. In fact, those third party app stores that are filled with pirated apps, or apps that will allow the download of pirated media, are the homes of most malware.

However when we usually hear these arguments about ‘free’ apps on Android, the users generally mean (or at least expect us to believe that they mean) free ad supported apps. And this is where we, as BlackBerrians can show them the error of their ways.

You see, these users, let’s not call them thieves, let’s just call them cheap, don’t understand that BlackBerry still wins here.

These cheap users, want everything for free. They will download and enjoy ad supported apps. They have no problem with a third of their screen being taken up by advertising. They don’t mind or realize that these apps are mining their data, for further advertising profits. You see, these users don’t realize that nothing is really free. That one way or another, a price is being paid.

Personally, I would rather my 99 cents for an app instead of having a large portion of my screen being taken over by ads, or having those apps study my usage history so that Google can better pinpoint ads I might be interested in. But that’s just me.

But for those cheap users, who don’t wish to go spend 99 cents in BlackBerry World, BlackBerry has given a gift. In the form of the Android Runtime. Those very same free apps that Androidians use on their phones, with those very same advertisements, are also available to us on BB10. Either through Amazon, or from Google via Snap, or even those pirate app stores, or searching online, we can grab those free apps, and use them if we wish.

So the next time you hear someone claim Android is better because they don’t want to pay for things, just let them know that they can be cheap on BlackBerry too, all while maintaining their own security.


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