The Android eBay App Loves The BlackBerry 10 Hub

It looks like the feature set of BlackBerry 10.3 extends beyond what BlackBerry has made official. Recently I installed the latest version of the Android eBay app through Snap (Google Play) due to the fact that the version still available in BlackBerry World is severely outdated. While the UI was much more polished and closer to a full desktop experience, the real surprise was in the BlackBerry 10 Hub notifications. Apparently, the Hub notifications supplied by the newest Android eBay app now include a photo AND a shortcut button that opens the app directly to the item in the notification.


So far I have only seen this work with items from my Watched list, but it is a very welcome improvement and lends to the untapped power that BlackBerry 10 yields. Maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper and see what other Android apps out there have additional Hub capabilities that have not yet been disclosed. If you have any similar discoveries of your own, please let us know in the comments so we can spread the word to others.

Tommy C

IT graduate and BlackBerry user for eight years and counting. Committed to promoting and raising brand awareness of BlackBerry because it's just plain awesome!