The 3 Keys to Real Estate – Security, Security, Security

The adage used to be Location, Location, Location, but according to a recent presentation by Elie Bursztein, Google’s anti-fraud and abuse research team lead, during the RSA Conference in San Francisco, it appears that the Real Estate industry is under siege! When you read further it appears that it’s not just Real Estate that’s targeted, but corporations / enterprises. This further demonstrates that corporate security efforts are hampered by challenges on #2 fronts – from the enterprise server side and on the user side. Not only do users want to bring their device of choice: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or Windows, they continuously expose the organization to threats via malware and phishing emails, etc. The email attacks occur inspite of training!

According to the presentation-

a corporate email account is 4.3 times more likely to receive malware, 6.2 times more likely to receive a phishing email, and 0.4 times more likely to receive spam compared to personal inboxes.

The coverage by SecurityWeek noted that-

Google’s experts pointed out that targets are selected based on several criteria, including size, type of organization, sector of activity, and location (country). That is why they believe defenses must be tailored based on each organization’s risk profile.

So in a nutshell there is no ‘one-size fits-all’ scenario when it comes to securing corporations / enterprises against email attacks. The unified endpoint management (UEM) solution must be sensitive to the type of corporation, the location, the business sector, the type of phone platform AND the solution must be flexible so it can handle a shift in threats over time. There is one company that stands head above the rest when it comes to securing a corporation and the complexities they face – not only now but in the future.


Isn’t it time to switch from an ok solution to a ‘Good’ solution? Just another reason why-






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