The 2016 UTB Membership Drive


We have one main goal here at UTB, that goal is to build the number one community of BlackBerry fans. A community where BlackBerry fans can speak as fans, without fear of being attacked for their choice of device. A place where someone new can come and ask a question that may have been asked several times before, and get an answer instead of being told they should have never asked it. A place that is welcoming to those that wish to be productive members of the community, and those that wish to harass others are quickly shown the door.

At this point, heading in to our third year, we have found that we’ve been quite successful in building several small communities. We have those that regularly comment on our website posts, we have those that have called our forums a new home, and we have a much larger audience on our BBM Channel.

Now, we want everyone to get to know each other.

For the next week, we will be conducting a bit of an experiment. I’m calling it a membership drive. My goal is to get those active users from the channel, and website comments, in to our forums where we can all join in together and speak of all things BlackBerry (and of course, a lot of off topic stuff as well).

During this week, we will turn off comments on the channel. I know folks, the channel is just so easy! But you’ll never get to meet the fine folks in our forums if you never take a dip inside now will you? So, I am asking that the first thing everyone do, is go setup a login for the forums. If this is your first time creating a login, then it will carry over to the site as well. If you already have a site login, but not a forum login, then create one already. What’s taking you so long? And of course, if you have issues signing up, just email us and we’ll be quick to help.

There’s only one thing we need to make this the best BlackBerry community on the net, and that is you.

As a reminder, you can use our forums through the browser, the UTB app, or Tapatalk, whichever you prefer, we just want you there.

Register for forums here

If you run in to issues, email us here


Founder & Owner of UTB Blogs. Former BlackBerry Elite. When I'm not talking or writing about BlackBerry, you'll find me using my BlackBerry.