That’s How Cellebrite cracked the iPhone, Meet the GrayKey

You all remember the San Bernardino attack, and how Apple tried to not let the FBI to break into the shooter iPhone. Well we all know how it ended as the FBI paid around $1 Million to the Israeli company Cellebrite to crack the device.

Now, a new post reveals how Cellebrite did it, and its easy but expensive. The tool that Cellebrite used (and probably still using) is GrayKey. Its a small device sized 4 inches deep and 2 inches tall, that have 2 connectors with lightning ends (iPhone connectors). The process is this, you connect the devices (you can do 2 at the same time) and after 2 minutes you can disconnect the device, After those 2 minutes the device it self will continue to run the crack software and it can take from 2 hours to 3 days depend on the password complexity.


After the device in unlocked, you can control the data on WEB page interface and all the files in the systems are in your control. At the beginning  I mentioned that this is easy way to crack iPhone device (Even the latest OS 11.25) but its expensive. You can buy this GrayKey box in two ways, the first is Web functioned so you when you crack phone you must be online and it cost $15,000 while the second option is what Cellebrite used and it cost $30,000 for the device.



Roy Shpitalnik

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