That iPhone is the Bomb! Hydrogen Bomb, that is…


People can be so inventive! Intelligent Energy, a British technology company has developed the world’s  first hydrogen powered battery for a mobile device. And placed it in an iPhone.

Giving credit where credit is due, they’ve managed to add the device to the phone without adding any bulk to the petite device, with the only noticeable design change being small vents in the back to release small toots of water and air that is produced through the process of getting power from hydrogen. As hydrogen fuel is produced from methane, I find this particularly humorous.

So what do we need to know? The current fuel cell in the prototype iPhone will keep the device charged for a week, before the fuel cell needs to be refilled again via an adapted headphone socket. For whoever is using this prototype device, we’d like to welcome you to the outside world. That world that is more than 4 feet away from a power plug. Feels good doesn’t it?


What do we hope the makers of this battery know? We hope they know that hydrogen is flammable. Very flammable. Scoring a 4 on the flammability scale. And can burn at concentrations of less than 4% in open air.
We also hope the makers know that iPhones can tend to go pop. Care for a few stories of iPhones with an explosive personality? If you do, click here, here, here,  and here.

An iPhone battery that lasts more than a few hours? What an astounding idea. Placing an even more explosive battery in an iPhone? I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that.

Source: The Mirror


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  • Anthony

    The article mentioned it’s a powder that produces hydrogen. It’s not hydrogen stored as a gas.

    There is another issue. The powder could be replaced by cocaine. A line at work can be inconspicuous. locco_smiley_36

  • Well, it’s very interesting, although, I wouldn’t be too excited about putting a better battery inside such a limited device.

    • Anthony

      7 days battery life would be great.

      But, now iPhone users would need to periodically buy the powder for producing hydrogen gas. It would be Apple powder…low, mid, and high-grade. locco_smiley_36


    Hmmm, iPhone in the front pocket, expelling a little water. I guess iDiots can really show they are wetting themselves over their phone.

  • jrohland

    As pointed out in the post, the byproducts of recombining hydrogen and oxygen are energy and H2O (water). I suppose users of a phone with a hydrogen energy cell are going to wrap their phone in a diaper to keep from having a perpetual wet spot wherever their phone is placed?

    Those energy cells have been around for a while in the radio controlled model hobby. They tend to be expensive because of the platinum used as a catalyst. Probably the insurance cost of using hydrogen ads to cost as well.
    ( )

  • nnik

    If sounds ridiculous just look for the Apple product