Textra – an awesome SMS app!

Like many of you I have the need to text non-BlackBerry users on occasion.  I will not use Facebook messenger as it’s too invasive and tramples all over a user’s privacy.  Typically my first suggestion is to recommend my contacts use BBM if they want to communicate (in years past I had actually demanded it), but I guess I’ve softened up a bit in my old age. Recently I’ve been taking the path of least resistance and have been using an app called Textra that was developed by Delicious Inc.

After using it for a few months I will admit I really enjoy using this app. The level of customization available through the Settings menu is absolutely fantastic.



Why not do yourself a favor and download this bad-boy from Google Play here. And please don’t forget to sound off in the comments and let us know what you think. Do you like Textra? Areas for improvement? If you prefer a different SMS app which one do you use and why?





This post was written entirely on a KEYone!

Just another reason




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