A New Text Message Bomb for iPhones is Delivered

This text message bomb will crash iPhones. How can this keep happening?

It wasn’t too long ago that the “Effective Power” bug allowed people to crash their iPhone using friends phones. Well, here we go again. A new text message bomb was found and posted to Twitter.

Abraham Masri posted the bug, dubbed chaiOS, to twitter on Tuesday. The link was enough to crash iOS and macOS. Masri’s GitHub account was quickly suspended, but many other users have reposted new links that will have the same effect.

Masri tweeted out that he had already reported the bug to Apple, and he only made it public to get Apple’s attention. Specifically because “Apple needs to take such bugs more seriously.” That’s stating the obvious.

How seriously did Apple take this? Well, they will reportedly be rolling out a fix next week. This is indeed a quick response from Apple. Well, quicker than usual. While most other OEM’s would react much more quickly, Apple has a history of simply waiting for a later planned release to fix bugs, if they fix them at all.

I wonder though, how does this keep happening? What is it about Apple’s code that allows something as simple as a text message or an old battery to crash devices? Whatever the reason, I’m glad we don’t have these issues on Android.

text message bomb

Source: BGR


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