TestM – checking the health of your BlackDroid smartphone


Ever since the Geniuses over in Cupertino decided to throttle down iPhone processors just because they could (and charge people $29 for a replacement battery – just because they could), I was wondering about the health of ‘My Precious’. I know there are various apps available to test hardware and software performance, but I just ran across one called TestM – Smartphone Condition Check & Quality Report and my natural curiosity took over.

Being the curious sort I downloaded and installed the app, gave it the appropriate permissions, then let ‘er rip. Believe it or not it performed as promised! According to Google Play TestM performs the following tests-

Screen: Touch Screen Test

Sound: Speakers, Earpiece, Microphone, Headphones


But wait – there’s more!

Should your phone fail a test or tests, TestM can help you to find the nearest repair shop based on your location. In addition, the marketing folks propose another use case- if you are going to sell or buy a used smartphone they recommend running the full complement of tests and include that info to the seller/buyer – pretty cool idea especially since the app is FREE!

The app does have pretty high reviews and was recently updated. I may hold on to this one for awhile but I will disable the permissions first – better safe than sorry.

If you do download the app please sound-off in the comment section and share your experience.

One final note – the app says it may take awhile to perform the Complete Test but from the Complete Test I ran on my KEYone took less than 3 minutes…


So why not head over to Google Play and download TestM here!


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