Temple Run: Brave officially hits BlackBerry World


Finally Imangi has released, with a little help from Disney, an official version of Temple run in the BlackBerry world.

Temple Run: Brave is loosely based on the Disney movie of the same name. You can play as Merida or King Fergus as you try to outrun, Mordu, the demon bear. What sets this version apart from the other versions is the introduction of archery. The main character in the movie is one hell of a shot with a bow and arrow, and that ability carried over into the game. Certain parts of the game you can try to hit archery targets as you’re running in order to gain extra coins.




Temple Run: Brave is .99 cents and works for all devices. You can find it in the BlackBerry World by hitting the link provided. Lets us know in the comments if you were waiting for this app or any version of Temple Run to come to BlackBerry 10.