Telus Releases BB10 OS

So this morning I got up and first thing I do is check my BBM, SMS, and email on the trusty Z30. That’s normal… right?

I noticed a small amount of lag in my BBM experience. That’s odd I thought… My Z30 has been running smooth as silk as per usual. Hmmm… what could it be? with 3140 radio with 3140 radio

As my friends and colleagues had been enjoying the OS release for a while now, I got to wondering… So I checked my software updates.

Lo and behold, there it was, finally! A 104mb update!

Mystery resolved! Interestingly, I don’t see any other BlackBerry fan sites reporting this. Hmmm… I’ve seen in the past where individuals luckily get a leak/mistake upgrade before the incumbent carrier is ready to deploy.

Is that me?

Am I a lucky duck?

Anybody else out there on Telus get this?


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  • That’s fun! I’m jealous. Here’s some earth shattering information; I just checked and there’s nothing on Verizon in the US.
    Surprise, surprise. :)

    • Canuckvoip

      Grrr… Humbug!
      No reports from other outlets yet.
      Funny, Telus is usually first or second to drop a new BB OS, but this time they’re the last of the major carriers in Canada.

      • I got an email from BB today to complete a customer survey and towards the end they said I had an OS update coming and advised I do it, but when I checked, there was none. Oh well.

        • Canuckvoip

          Tried plugging into Link?

          • No. not over link either. ohemgee. how ridiculous Canuck…? Do you honestly think I would be that stupid as to forget to check for updates via Link, and then, in order to cover it up, that I would check real fast before I replied to your comment…? Jeesh!

            • Canuckvoip