Telus Drops

That’s right folks. Telus in Canada has released to all of us lucky BlackBerry 10 users. It’s a 654mb download.

I had installed 10.3.3 on my Passport using a blitz file, but left my Z30 alone to see when would drop, and today’s the day!

Now go mash that Software Updates button!

Why are you still reading this? Do it now!


Dave Matthews here. I'm a phone guy by trade supplying VOIP systems for business and industry. BlackBerry devices, playing PRS guitars in my band, golf, and RC flight are my current passions.

  • anthogag

    Today is a great day o/

    • Dave Matthews

      Boo yeah!

  • leverspro

    Got it today. As reported by others months ago, the browser is blazing fast. In fact it feels like the hub is even faster. Glad to have it, although I’m a little confused why I didn’t get it months ago since I bought the phone directly from shop BlackBerry

  • pavan bhokray

    But in india we still don’t have single update still we are using 10.3.2 version only and I got the mobile direct from BlackBerry store. Disgusting

    • Dave Matthews

      Hi Pavan, what model of phone are you using? Depending on the answer you may be able to use a blitz file.

      • pavan bhokray

        I have BlackBerry z30 and z10

        • Dave Matthews

          OK, well check the model of the Z10. If it’s STL100-1 Don’t do it, there are problems.

          You can get assistance in our forum.

          • pavan bhokray

            Hi Dave,My BlackBerry z30 model is STA100-2 and z10 is STL100-1

    • Rajashekar Sanga

      I had a BlackBerry Z30 and got my BlackBerry 10.3.3 update in December itself.

      • pavan bhokray

        Hi rajashekar, what model of your BlackBerry Z30?

        • Rajashekar Sanga

          BlackBerry z30 STA100 – 5

  • CaseyC

    hmm.. My Passport SE (from ShopBB) only has, but my older Roger Passport has Seems odd that my SE from ShopBB would have an older version.