Telus Customer? How to Get Your KEYone Now!

If you have Telus as your preferred carrier and are looking to get the BlackBerry KEYone. Simply call them and do so. I have been in contact with them on multiple occasions to find out how and when I could get the KEYone on a consumer contract. In the beginning of May most of the people I talked to there had no idea what it was. In the middle of May they had no idea if they would carry it. At the end of May the answer was “for business only”. It was quite annoying for me as I have been a long time customer and Telus was one of the few carriers to consistently stock BlackBerry.

By the May 31st availability date for Canada, many others had also voiced their displeasure about the elusive device and Telus announced they will, at some point, have the device for consumers. Yesterday I called my favourite carrier yet again,  and ordered one. I should have it in my hands by Monday or Tuesday.

When it comes to BlackBerry (as most things) say your piece, demand the best, fight for what you want, and do not take no for an answer. Do not let others decide for you.

Telus still does not have the device on its web-page for consumers, but if you call them you may just be in for a pleasant surprise.



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