Telltale to Tell no more Tales

The studio responsible for very unique game experiences, is shutting down.

The news, while sad, should come as no surprise. It was just in November that the video game studio laid off about 25% of it’s workforce. Previously, the studio came under fire for overworking it’s developers. Now, the news comes that the studio is shutting down, and is keeping on a skeleton crew to complete promised projects. But many of those promised projects, that players have been looking forward to, have already been scrapped.

It is rumored that the last project which they will complete is Minecraft Story Mode for Netflix. Meanwhile, another Netflix project based on it’s Stranger Things series will not happen. The latest installments of TWD: The Final Season should still be released as it appears to be complete, but it will be the final installment, and an expected new installment of The Wolf Among Us will never see the light of day.

The announcement was tweeted out yesterday, with the promise of more information to come.

Since then, numerous affected developers and staff have went on social media telling their stories of how hard they worked, and how they have been released with no severance package and no idea what will happen next.

Another group that is not sure what will happen next, is Netflix, who told Variety, “We are saddened by the news about Telltale Games – they developed many great games in the past and left an indelible mark in the industry. Minecraft: Story Mode is still moving forward as planned. We are in the process of evaluating other options for bringing the Stranger Things universe to life in an interactive medium.”

Let’s recall that Netflix has money. Lots and lots of money. Enough money to give shows to the likes of Michelle Wolf and are getting into comics with Mark Millar. It’s obvious they have money to spare, and will soon be losing their Disney properties. I’m not much of a gamer at all, but Telltale are great storytellers who found a truly unique way to bring those stories to the public. Would Netflix consider getting into video games? There are currently a lot of tested game developers seeking a new home, and I could see how their skills could be used to bring some great content to Netflix.

Source: Verge , ComicBookMovie


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