Telegram Update Brings Features Channelers Will Love

This has been missing.

There is a new update available for Telegram that users should jump on. Along with a few design tweeks and new privacy settings, there are some exciting additions for Telegram Channel administrators and users.

First up, something the privacy conscious will appreciate. Instead of simply keeping your phone number private or public, you can now choose who can see it. If you’d like your close friends and family to see your number, but aquantances and group members to not see it, you can now choose that as an option. Personally, I’m keeping my number private to anyone. Those that need it, already have it.

Now for the exciting stuff.

One of the issues with Telegram Channels is the hoops that admins had to jump through in order to make it so that users can comment on channel posts. Telegram has now streamlined it. Now all a channel admins need to do is add Telegram’s official comment bot (@DiscussBot) as an administrator to the channel. Admins can then post directly to their channel and a comments box will appear on every post. Users can click the box, be automatically logged in to comment, and see the number of comments left on every post. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to make this work with reactions we have been using on posts through the other bots previously spoken about.

But that’s not all.

Admins can now link chat groups to their channel. By linking them together, all posts will be automatically shared to the group chat, and channel visitors can find their way into the group chat. This is a sure way to increase engagement with visitors.

Finally, you no longer need a Telegram account to visit Telegram Channels. Through the share link, visitors can open a preview of the channel via the world wide web and see posts and comments. What a great way to invite users from other platforms to Telegram! I wonder how many new Telegram users will be created by shares to Twitter and Facebook?

There are still a few things I would like to see in Telegram. Things such as a newsfeed, a more attractive channel appearance, and automatic reactions are extremely needed. But this has been a huge leap forward for Telegram Channel users, and just in time for those of us that just found ourselves evicted from BBM.

Telegram’s change log follows.

  • Choose who can see your phone number in Privacy & Security settings.
  • Add groups to “Always/Never Share” exceptions in privacy settings. Permissions will get updated as users leave and join the groups.
  • Enjoy improved design when confirming actions, searching for messages and adding users to groups.
  • Connect a discussion group to your channel.
  • View any public channel, even without a Telegram account.
  • Seamlessly integrate bots with web services.


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