Telegram Update Brings A Much Wanted Feature

Telegrams latest update brings something which was missing, and some oddities.

Telegram has released a new update with new features. Some of these features I would consider “catching up”, while others are simply rather odd.
Let’s start with the most exciting features, which are also what I consider “catching up”. These are features we were used to on our old tried and true BBM, and were lacking on Telegram.

Contacts! We finally have them. Previous to the latest updates, we had no “Telegram contacts”. People within our phone contacts would show up as contacts, but all those other people that we knew through Telegram? They weren’t there. Instead, Telegram would auto-populate their names when you started a chat. But you couldn’t just go into Contacts within Telegram and start a conversation with someone that you didn’t already have in your contacts app. Now you can. Simply go to the header of a name of someone that you are chatting with and click to add to contacts. Before you start to worry, the app won’t be sharing any telephone number information.

Another nice aspect of having contacts, is a bit of a throwback to the old BB10 BBM. You can now have custom notifications for your Telegram contacts. It’s about time! You can choose sound, pop up notifications, and even LED colors. This has been sorely missed by many!
Now, for the odd portion of the updates. Telegram has added some location based aspects to the app. You can now add contacts that are nearby, provided you both open that portion of the app. I suppose this can be used as the QR code aspect of BBM? You can also form location based groups. I wonder if these new features will really be used by any users?

Finally, it is now possible to transfer ownership of groups and channels. A very welcome addition.

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