BBM to Telegram: The Channel Migration How-To Guide

Telegram Channels Are What We’ve Wanted From BBM

Like every channel owner on BBM, we felt the rug pulled out from us on April 18th. So what do we do next? Well there’s a new home called Telegram Channels and they are what we have been wanting from BBM since the beginning!

The How To Guide To Starting Telegram Channels

First thing to do is download the Telegram App.

Then you have to set up your account. It DOES ask you for your phone number but it’s not exposed to other users. That’s why I won’t use Whatsapp. I have people from all over the world and they do not have my phone number on Telegram.

Step 1: The BotFather

To summon the “BotFather” type in the search bar “BotFather”. This is where you can create your admin bot for your channel(s). To create your new bot type in “/newbot” It will walk you thru naming your bot, then setting a display picture for it “/setuserpic” Now you have an “admin bot” for your channel.

Step 2: Create A Channel

You can find the new channel in the menu below your display pic. Name your channel and give it a display pic with a description. You will also give your channel a permanent link name that you can share. Once you do that make sure you touch and copy that permalink to the clipboard. That will be used later.

Step 3: Adding The Admin Bot To Your Channel

Go to your channel you just set up and click on the top. There you will find the settings to that channel. You will see “Administrators”. Click on that and type in the name of the admin bot you created. Click on the check mark in the upper right. Now that admin bot has access to your channel.

Step 4: The ControllerBot

Now get back to the main screen and search for “controllerbot”. Once you have clicked it and opened it up, you will want to type in “/addchannel”. It will then ask you for the name or user id of the channel. Paste in that permalink and hit enter.

NOTE: If you put in your name of your channel, leave off the ” @” symbol on the front.

Now You Have An Admin Bot For Your Channels

So what does your admin bot do? It’s where you can create posts for your channel(s) All from one location. No more of that messy jumping from channel to another. Your Admin Bot can post to all of your channels. (See Step 4 about adding channels to Admin bot)

Post Creation Step A: Start A Post

Not to confuse with the previous steps, we’re going alphabetical with these.

Go to your Admin Bot and hit the “start” button. The next thing you should see is “Create Post”. Remember that top-down approach BBMC changed to recently? This is what you want to do if you have a lot of text with a picture. You can do captions, but this is much smoother in my opinion.

Step B: Content

Put in the text you want for your post, then attach a picture, video, or voice (Yes I said voice) to your post.

Step C: Reactions, Comments And URL Buttons.

Then you should be able to add reactions and comments buttons to your posts. Reactions (emojis or text) are added in one line. So put say a heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, and frown in one line. You can put in how many you want. Then hit the comments button. It will add a comments to your post. You can also add url links as well. Hit the url button to add a web address.

Step D: Ready To Post!

If you’re ready to post, then hit the send button. If you don’t see the send button (click on the back button and go back into the admin bot.) Then hit post. It will then ask you if you want to Set Self-Destruct Timer, Send Now, Enqueue, or Back Button (In case you need to cancel the post ). It will ask you “Are you sure want to send message to your channel?” You can click “Send” or “Cancel”.

Now You’re A Channeler!

Congrats! You can post on Telegram Channels with rich content! It does take a bit to get used to but once you set up your Admin bot, it gets easier. So come on, join the fun on Telegram Channels!

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