Telegram Removed from Apple App Store

Both the original Telegram and the experimental Telegram X apps have disappeared from Apple’s App Store.

A few keen observers noticed that the popular chat app Telegram had gone missing from Apple’s App Store. The messenger had two separate apps available in the app store for iOS devices, the original chat app, and the newer Telegram X app, which serves as an experimental stage for new features.

The servicfe has been rapidly gaining in popularity, and it’s sudden disappearance from Apple’s store caused many users alarm.

When questioned on Twitter, Russian founder Pavel Durov explained that the apps were taken off the App Store because inappropriate content was made available to users. He explained that they hoped to correct the issue and be back on the app store.

While I’m no fan of Telegram, I still must question Apple’s decision. What was the inappropriate content? Who decided it was inappropriate? Was it content that isn’t found on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? I can’t help but wonder if perhaps Telegram may be cutting in to the market share of Apple’s more profitable app partners, and perhaps the service is having to play by a different set of rules than those previously named social medias.

I’ll be anxious to see if Durov’s apps do return to the Apple App Store in the same form. I wonder, just who will need to be censored to make this happen?

**Update** The apps have now returned to the Apple App Store. As of now, there is no indication of what the inappropriate content was, or what was done to remove it.

Source: NDTV


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