Telegram Founder Accuses Apple of Blocking Updates in Russia

The Telegram vs Russia battle is continuing, now Apple is entered the fight.

Just a few weeks ago Russia started to block the use of the messenger application Telegram within the country. This happened after Telegram founders refused to help the government in collecting information regarding a terror case. After that incident, Russian authorities gave them a demand for encryption keys, which Telegram denied.

Now the conflict has risen to a new level after Telegram’s founder claims that Russia has approached Apple and asked them to block new app updates in Russia. Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram,  says that since April, users of the chat app in Russia can no longer update the application if they use iOS devices. He goes even further in his claims that Apple has been slowing Telegram updates around the world because of the Russian interference.

According to the reports, Russia accounts for 7% of Telegram users and the latest updates that are being included contain the GDPR update and some new features.

It’s hard to know if what the Telegram founder claims is true, but it seems that the battle between Russia vs Telegram just started and we will be much more to come.


Source (Hebrew).


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