Tekken Mobile Arrives In Canada for Android

Fan favorite fighting game Tekken finally arrives on mobile, and Canada gets it first.

Namco Bandai has finally brought the fan favorite fighter Tekken to mobile. While the world needs to wait for the official release later this year, the company performed a soft launch today making the game available in Canada.

The version which Canucks can now play, is an early release version, but there is more content to come with the official release. The amount of extra content though, is still up for grabs. Namco Bandai has set up a pre-registration for the game outside of Canada, and the more people register, the more content that will be added to the release version of the game. This content will include XP boosters, health packs and a secret character exclusive, if the registrations hit high enough numbers.

You can pre-register for the game here. For now, you can enjoy the trailer for the game below.




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