Tech Blogger J Williams Comparison Video: BlackBerry Passport vs the iPhone 6


Tech Blogger J Williams, of Tech News & Reviews did an excellent comparison video featuring the BlackBerry Passport vs the iPhone 6.  It was very detailed and compared features such as resolution, battery life, sound quality, web browsing and many others.  The video is approximately 18 minutes, but in my opinion, was very well done.

His Conclusion

  • In terms of the overall package and features in both these devices, the Passport comes out on top.
  • The BlackBerry Passport is not just a phone for business, it is also a great phone for personal use.
  • After using both devices, he found the BlackBerry Passport to be more innovative than the iPhone 6 due to features like the HUB, touch sensitive keyboard and wider screen size that enabled better viewing of documents and websites.
  • He noted that there have been some in the media that had been critical of the BlackBerry Passport and had not even used the device.  His advice to them was to at least try using it before criticizing it.

Overall, I agreed with a lot of what Mr. Williams had to say in his video.  The other thing that should be noted is that he owns , uses and reviews devices on all the major platforms.  So this is not someone who was solely or for the most part a BlackBerry user before he made the comparison video.

We would like to hear your perspective of the video, so please leave them in the comments below.


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