TeamViewer claims they have not been hacked, but….

A few days ago reports started popping up claiming security vulnerabilities and potential hacks via TeamViewer. Users claim to have witnessed someone trying to access money from their PayPal accounts remotely. Not only has TeamViewer denied this they’ve issued a statement reiterating their commitment to security. I find it kind of odd that they can issue a blanket statement within a day of the allegations. How could they possibly look into the alleged breaches to ascertain whether or not they actually occurred? Instead they pulled a ‘Cupertino’ and blamed users for utilizing the same username and password across multiple accounts. If you do not need TeamViewer you may want to consider uninstalling it.

Bottom line, always change your usernames and passwords (two-factor authentication aka ‘2FA’) on a routine basis, use at least 8 characters including caps, numbers and characters. Do not hesitate to report suspicious activity, and call a company on their 800 number if you receive an email wanting to verify information.










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