TCL Confirms New BlackBerry Smartphones to Be Unveiled at CES 2017

TCL will be unveiling new Blackberry phones next year!!! Oops, I misspoke, they will be unveiling them at CES 2017, which is only a couple weeks away.

Steve Cistulli, President and General Manager of TCL Communitcation (TCT), North America has stated the following important pieces of information regarding the launch of new Blackberry devices.

We’ve reached a point in our industry when we must boldy go where no other handset manufacturer has gone before; evolving how we serve our customers and consumers. Business and market growth must go beyond just delivering value-focused handsets, and must now include a much more complete portfolio of devices and brands

and even more importantly…

However, today’s announcement reveals one other interesting aspect about the upcoming QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone, and that’s the fact that it will be “an evolutionary first in the mobile industry.”

He also said that TCL will be showcasing the “legacy of the BlackBerry smartphone brand,” but the company will also provide fans a glimpse into what the next generation BlackBerry phones will offer.

I am getting very excited to see what 2017 has in store for Blackberry and this news is absolutely amazing for the Blackberry lover in all of us.


Sound off below about your thoughts of a new QWERTY based Blackberry and all of the other amazing opportunities we foresee.


Kevin Button

Kevin is a BlackBerry enthusiast and is known to be shouting it from the tops of mountains.

  • Alan

    “an evolutionary first in the mobile industry.”

    That sounds pretty amazing! Good way to spike up the anticipation. And we get to see the future planning of what’s in store for TCL and BlackBerry together. Something to look forward too. CES 2017 for sure. Bring it On!

  • leverspro

    Pretty cool alright. Now if I could just get my two year old Passport to show some signs of wearing out or be less than perfect for my smartphone needs.

    • Alan

      The Passport Rocks for sure, and it’s going to be hard to beat. As long as my Passport is functioning properly, I have no need for extra apps.

  • anthogag

    “The next generation of BlackBerry smartphones” has to include BB10 if they are “boldly going”.

    What is this evolution of the qwerty keyboard? Is it like Apple’s touch bar? Do the qwerty keys change?

    What is a “more complete portfolio”?

  • Tim Kelly

    Will BlackBerry do ANY advertising for new products? It would be nice to see