Taylor Swift Beats Apple


In an amazing turn of events, the little blond singer has done something that seemingly no one has done before. She took on Apple and won.

Earlier today Nik wrote a post  about the situation with Apple Music that Taylor Swift brought to the public eye. You see, Apple, the most profitable company in the land, has decided to create they’re own paid streaming music service. And as usual, they’re entering the market a few years late. And in this case, most users already have favorite services they use. Apple needs to win over users, and have chosen to do so by offering a free 3 month trial period to users. The odd part here, is that Apple planned on doing something that only Apple would have the marbles to try. They weren’t going to pay the content creators their royalties during this period.

Taylor didn’t like that, pulled her album, and went public on Twitter with her opinions.

Now, I’m not one to swoon and agree with Taylor. In fact I suspect I’d probably disagree with anything that comes from a pop princess. But this time, she was right. She brought attention to the fact that it’s not just recording artists losing out, as most probably wouldn’t feel so bad for successful artists, but industry people, producers, writers and new artists that need the income this plan would be taking from them.

And public opinion swayed.

Most times, when Apple comes under attack, the apologists run to defend, making excuses and claiming Apple can do no wrong. But today, a pop princess said something that actually made sense. And suddenly, the Apple was starting to look a little rotten. Even to those that usually accept the bitter taste this Apple usually brings to the table.

Apple has now backtracked. Apple Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services has taken to Twitter announcing that Apple will now pay the
Forrcontent creators during the trial period. “Apple will always make sure that artist are paid” he tweeted. As if that was the plan all along. Sure thing Eddy.

One of our own explained the situation in such a perfect way, I thought I would just steal his words;

“Douchebags need to be called out to do what was right from the beginning?”

Yes Ital1, that’s exactly what happened. And thank you Taylor Swift for fixing this issue for users. Can you now tell Apple they need to fix XARA and a slight texting issue?

For those keeping score, Taylor Swift-1, Apple-0.

Source: Techcrunch


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  • nnik

    The end of Apples reign of shit is on the horizon

  • Ha! They can’t fight her cause she has so many loyal fans. No doubt if it was some no name artist that brought this to light, they would have ignored them.

    It’s exactly as Ital1 described. They’re not doing the right thing, they’re trying to weasel their way off the hook.

  • Anthony

    Oh, so you also love Taylor Swift, you and BlackJack locco_smiley_7

  • Canuckvoip

    What is important now is to boycott their streaming service, not buy and/or return the Apple watch, and demand that they start paying US taxes and create more jobs in North America.

  • bambinoitaliano

    This is a battle of publicity. As rich and powerful Apple is, it’s not smart to take on the most influential pop artist of du jour. Her fame might fade someday but right now Taylor Swift yield considerable media power and influence on her fans. Apple can’t afford Taylor Swift to direct her fans away from ITUNES. The other artists should thank her for speaking out on their behalf.