Tango Networks announces availability of its Business Mobility Solutions through global partnership with BlackBerry

That’s one long headline, but definitely worth looking out for.


Here at UTB we don’t claim to be experts and know-all about BlackBerry. After all we don’t have star-studded ranks of elites and superstars lining up with the intention of writing anything click-baity. We’re just normal average Joes, average Janes, just like any Tom, Dick, and Harry that likes and enjoy BlackBerry products.

And speaking of that, some entity has entered a partnership because they enjoy having BlackBerry as well. They are Tango Networks and they have released a press release about it as per here:


Mobile Unified Communications for BlackBerry 10


Frisco, TX, USA – September 16, 2014Tango Networks, a leading provider of Business Mobility Solutions to service providers, channel partners and enterprises, today announced it has reached a definitive agreement for BlackBerry to sell Tango Networks’ portfolio of Business Mobility Solutions to enterprise customers. The Tango Networks solution, now a part of BlackBerry’s Enterprise ISV Reseller Program, is available to customers direct from BlackBerry and its value-added reseller network.

Tango Networks’ portfolio of Business Mobility Solutions offered through BlackBerry includes:

  • Mobile UC Integration with leading UC/PBX platforms from Avaya/Nortel, Cisco, Microsoft Lync, Mitel/Aastra and Unify, among others
  • Enforceable Mobile Call Recording integrated with call recording platforms from ASC, NICE, Oracle (Acme Packet), Verint and more
  • Wireless Business Continuity to maintain communications during unplanned outages
  • SIP Trunking with most UC/PBX platforms

These solutions provide an enhanced Mobile Unified Communications portfolio that delivers desk phone capabilities to BlackBerry® 10, iOS and Android smartphones. Users can answer corporate phone calls on their mobile devices and access enterprise voice features such as conferencing, call controls and extension dialing without having to be tethered to their desk phones. This results in exceptional flexibility and productivity, in addition to higher satisfaction levels for users and the people with whom they collaborate. It can also integrate with leading third-party recording solutions to record calls anchored in the PBX, helping organizations achieve compliance with government or regulatory requirements.

“We are impressed with Tango Networks’ technology and solutions, as they complement BlackBerry’s strategy of creating an enterprise-grade ecosystem that provides a highly productive end-user experience,” said Peter Ng, Senior Director of Global Alliances and Business Development at BlackBerry.

“Tango Networks’ portfolio of solutions positions BlackBerry to help meet the diverse needs of highly mobile workforces, whether they come from small businesses or large enterprises,” said Al Leo, Senior Vice President Sales – Americas at Tango Networks.  “Our market-leading application portfolio provides the seamless mobility end-users require to effectively conduct business.”

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About Tango Networks

Tango Networks enables service providers, channel partners and enterprises to offer Mobile Business Services to their customers and workforce. Using its unique and patented federated design, Tango Networks’ award-winning edge services platform offers specialized service capabilities across 4G IMS/VoLTE, 3G and 2G networks that work with all mobile phones, providing value to channel partners, SMB and enterprise customers.

Solutions include Mobile Unified Communications, Mobile Call Recording, SIP Trunking, Business Messaging Service, Business Continuity, Multi-line, Mobile PBX, Mobile Policy Control and Responsible Driver System.

Tango Networks’ customers include Tier 1 service providers in North America and Europe and a rapidly growing base of channel partners, enterprise and government customers worldwide. To learn more about Tango Networks, please visit http://www.tango-networks.com or follow Tango Networks on Twitter at http://twitter.com/tangonetworks.


Media Contacts

Al Leo, SVP Sales
Tango Networks
+1 469 229 6010


The details are scarce and few in between (not like we got moles and creatures like that, but that’s another thing) about this partnership. But on face value, there are few notable things that we can see for ourselves.

1) Tango Networks’ primary product lies within the concept of a virtualized PBX system. If you’re not aware what a PBX system is, its actually a multiple line system, say for example  123-456-789-ext-1234. The extension behind still uses the main number, but by adding extension you get to connect an outfit (sometimes up to thousand in phone numbers!) into a single organization number (trunk number) and then figure out and distribute individual extension numbers depending on need and function.

2) In the context of virtual PBX system, it is important to note that its not “just an emulation of concept” but it is important to understand that in the context of physical PBX and hosted PBX, the methods used to establish, setup and maintain it is different and have different variable cost. In corporations that have high amount of mobile workers (workers on the go, workers on the road, etc) a hosted PBX system makes sense, and Tango Networks, just like other hosted PBX service providers can and will become an integral part of such a mobile system, bar / sans the pricing issue.

3) Tango Network provides 4 services via it’s hosted PBX services, and if you look at the idea that BlackBerry had acquired Movirtu’s and their virtual SIM technology, it makes sense that it on paper it will play along and nicely with each another, riding on top of BlackBerry’s super secure BES infrastructure.

4) I don’t have knowledge nor I pretend to know to have insider information (doesn’t make sense anyway), but I think should BlackBerry attempt to tie in this package with their offering and still keep it low-priced (as in another report that mentioned that BlackBerry is still the cheapest MDM/EMM provider in overall costs, which you can download and read right here) then BlackBerry will continue to offer the best bang-for-buck EMM/MDM solution that cannot be ignored any longer by CEOs and their cyber/mobile division.

5) It shows that the BES division of BlackBerry isn’t just banking everything on BES12’s software, but provides a selection of package (I always, for the weirdest reasons, kind of think of it as  picking your own menu in a restaurant with “make your own full course meal” setup)


Are you a BES user? What do you think of this partnership? Do sound off here, and also lay down your thoughts in the forums to share with others!


By the way, if you look carefully in BlackBerry App World here in this link, you’ll actually see Tango Networks App listed as a new app.

Talk about clockwork ninja. Yet people continue to say BlackBerry was supposed to be a sinking ship, aye? Not bad for a supposedly dying company, because I don’t see how partnering = one step closer to death. I’m sure for Tango Networks and BlackBerry, this will be a very fruitful and rewarding partnership.