Tamagotchi Heading to Mobile

Tamagotchi turns 20, and is set to jump from the little screen, to your mobile screen.

Remember Tamagotchi? The small keychains which looked like an egg and had a little critter living inside? These little virtual pets took the world by storm. It seemed all children had one, making sure that they were feeding, playing, and picking up after these little LCD creatures.

One would think that these would have of course taught these children responsibility. After all, it seemed like a more modern version of the egg children that so many high schools used to sent their students home with. Unfortunately, these were a toy, they were fun, and I have no doubt many a real family pet went neglected as their child masters were all too busy playing with their Tamagotchi.

Well, it’s been 20 years since Tamagotchi hit our shores, and toy maker Bandai Namco has decided to celebrate. They’ve already released new retro toys of the little keychains, and now a mobile app is set to be introduced. This new app version of the toys will see a huge improvement in graphics over the tiny LCD displays of yesteryear. There will also be more options with different foods, costumes, and decorations. Players will have the opportunity to earn coins to buy these additions, or can purchase these coins using real life money to race ahead in the game.

Did you play with the original Tamagotchi? Will you be playing the app?

source: Enngadget


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