Talking Geek with Mike and Brad #40

A new start at a new home!

Hey folks, Brad here. I’d like to introduce you to something a little old for me, and a little new to this site.

A while ago, we had another website, UTB Geek. It was a secondary site where the bloggers from UTB Blogs could go write about things outside the world of BlackBerry. A lot has changed over the last year or so. We’ve lost some bloggers, and the bloggers we do have are pretty strapped for time. Running two sites became a bit much for such a small crew, and we merged UTB Geek into the primary UTB Blogs site.

One of the projects that lived on UTB Geek, was this podcast. Talking Geek with Mike & Brad. Now, the podcast has gone into limbo for the past year, and now we’re attempting to bring it back.

Fair warning. This podcast is a bit different from what is normally found on UTB Blogs, and there’s a good reason for that. Everyone you normally see on UTB Blogs met and became friends because of our love of BlackBerry. While most of us speak everyday, most of us have never met in person, and it’s fairly reasonable to assume most of us never will. This podcast is hosted by me, and my pal Mike. I didn’t meet Mike the way I met the rest of the UTB’ers. We were old work buddies, then later drinking buddies, and now, just regular buddies that are usually too busy to actually hang out together. This podcast gives us the opportunity, and a reason to keep in contact.

Don’t expect much from the world of tech in this podcast. Instead, expect a couple of pals talking about current movies, TV shows, old comics, and anything else that catches our interest at the time. I hope you’ll give us a try, and hope you’ll find the podcast a decent listen to pass the time. Now, on to the episode description.

In this episode:

Mike & Brad attempt to resurrect Talking Geek from the dead!

The podcast has a new home!

And Mike wants to pay homage to women during Women’s History Month. How do we do it? By talking about Women in Geek History!


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