Taking to the Air: BlackBerry10 app goes IndieGoGo



BlackBerry 10 developer Marco Gallo, creator of native BlackBerry app Air Messages, has taken his project to crowdfunding site IndieGoGo in an attempt to bring his app to the rest of the smartphone-using world.

Air Messages first launched via the BlackBerry Beta Zone app before moving to BlackBerry World, and is also available for Priv via Google Play (under the name “Air Messages Priv”).

The concept behind Air Messages is simple: Users pin a message to a location on a virtual map, and other users in that area will receive a notification of that message. No need for email addresses, Twitter handles or phone numbers.

Marco Gallo is seeking a total of €29,000 to cover the costs of app production, deployment and publishing on the (other) major platforms, building a strong secure cloud-based backend, marketing server costs.

Check out the IndieGoGo page and show your support for this BlackBerry developer!

Jon Hunnings

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