T-Mobile’s newest offer for BlackBerry Customers

The psycho ex. The one that everyone is afraid of. The one that doesn’t give up even after loving offers are denied. The one that comes back and key’s your car. The one that thinks confrontation is someway to keep a relationship going. BlackBerry users? We have that psycho ex.

T-Mobile has made yet another offer for BlackBerry users. The initial offer of an iPhone didn’t go over very well now did it. The bait and switch offer to upgrade our BlackBerry’s only to find out there was no BlackBerry’s to upgrade to didn’t go over too well. And our man John Chen left John Legere out in the cold. Now John Legere is pulling a John Cusack, standing outside our window in the rain playing a sappy song for us. Except instead of the music playing out of a super-cool 80’s boom box, it’s playing out of a very plastic cell phone


Yes, now the Magenta Madman is offering BlackBerry users $200 to use a Samsung phone. I’m sorry, it would take a lot more money for me to do that JL.

He does have a heartfelt message for us BlackBerry users though:

Our message to BlackBerry customers everywhere:

Nothing’s changed, including how your current T-Mobile BlackBerry device operates on our network now or in the future. Just like every T-Mobile customer, you can count on the very best customer service, no annual service contracts, the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network—everything. And rest assured, we’ve got your back from here on out.
JL has a bit of a comprehension problem. We didn’t ask for him to have our back. We specifically told him to kiss our a**.
Bye John.


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