T-Mobile’s Nefarious Plan!

Magenta Madman or Evil Genius?
Magenta Madman or Evil Genius?

Today started out great and ended sadly. First, we were scooped. The other guys posted this news before I even saw it. And I am man enough to admit it. Secondly, 94% of T-Mobile’s BlackBerry customer’s switched brands. I’ve got to say, I’m not the least bit surprised.

The Magenta Madman, targeted BlackBerry and it’s users. Why? I’m not sure. But it was plain as day what he was doing. First with his deal for BlackBerry customers calling the iPhone a tool, (I’m trying really hard to refrain from pointing out who the tool actually was in this ordeal.. ), then his twitter insults to the fans, and at John Chen. And the BlackBerry fans exploded. We took to twitter and we fought back. We made our voices heard, and he had to respond. And the wild haired man, wearing a pink shirt and Batman jacket fired back with almost an apology. He stated that he heard our voices. And he came out with a deal for BlackBerry owners…. to trade in their BlackBerry phones, to use on new BlackBerry phones.

It sounded like a great deal, until you spent a few minutes looking at it. You get up to $250 dollars for your old BlackBerry, which can be used on any phone in the store, but you needed to turn in your phone, and there were no BlackBerry devices in the stores. Your option? Go with another phone, or go without a phone while they expressed shipped you a new one, or just stick with your old phone and not take the deal.

I said when I heard this deal it was a sham. I tweeted it. I made my voice heard. I received a phone call from the “Office of Executive Response” where they identified themselves as the “Office of the President of T-Mobile” where I did not talk to John Legere, but I talked to Sergio Cruz, who tried to offer me several ways to get a new BlackBerry without giving up my old one. Would this be for everyone? No, but he would try to make me happy. And no, that was not what I was looking for. And I made it perfectly clear to Sergio in the office of executive response of the president of T-Mobile that it was a sham of a deal. Now, I don’t for one second think that my conversation with Sergio in the office of executive response of the…. you get what I’m saying already… ever made it to the ears of Legere, but my tweets did. And he blocked me.

So, we are now surprised that people that were stuck in contracts on old phones, saw an opportunity to get a great deal on a new phone, purchased phones that they could take out of the store with them? No, I’m not at all. Most consumers don’t have the brand loyalty that I do, or that you do if you’re taking the time to read this. What I am surprised at, is that this unkempt CEO, came up with such an ingenious plan. When his initial attack failed miserably, he came up with a beautiful plan B that worked.

BlackBerry faithful? I believe it’s time we start looking toward AT&T and Verizon and begging them to support BlackBerry fully, because I for one, will never be a T-Mobile customer.



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