T-Mobile US Trumpet BlackBerry Success – But…

Great stuff John! But...
Great stuff John! But…

As you can see from the above Tweet, T-Mobile CEO John Legere and T-Mob Marketing guru Mike Sievert have been trumpeting the success of the legacy BlackBerry trade in deal they announced after that little rumpus that went on between JL, JC and #iChooseBlackBerry10.

And why not? An increase in trade of a multiple of 15 (don’t even try to work out THAT percentage) is some going! And nice to see that they obviously want BlackBerry to know, too.


Hang on. Isn’t this our favourite ‘Uncarrier Unleashed?’

The guys who say you shouldn’t be locked in to a platform or contract?

The guys who give you the choice no other carrier will?

So Mr Legere, sir, now you know that #BlackBerryWorks why don’t you add the Z30 to your inventory? There’s plenty of customers on the T-Mob Twitter feed begging for it.

And then, here’s an idea…

What about a nice big picture of it, with an offer to trade up ANY smartphone to the amazing BlackBerry Z30?

I dunno, something like this?

BlackBerry Unleashed! Trade Up To The New Z30 With T-Mobile From Any Smartphone
BlackBerry Unleashed – Trade Up To The New Z30 With T-Mobile From Any Smartphone

I’ve left the offer for you to sort out, after all, it’s your money but 15% off or $200, does that sound ok?

No need to thank us when the sales roll in (oh go on then, you can), we know you probably can’t ever say #iChooseBlackBerry10 , you wouldn’t want to show bias after all, but it really would let us all know once and for all that you’re back on #TeamBlackBerry


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