There’s two to beam up – T-Mobile just kicked it into Warp 7!

These are the voyages of the Starship Magenta…

Hold on, wrong intro – but those folks over at TMO sure are spending money to build an infrastructure of the future. Seems like they’re on a 5 year mission to boldly go where no Carrier has gone before. Sound ridiculous? Let’s take a look at some of their recent claims.

According to TMO –

Verizon has spent billions on their network, and it is still slower than T-Mobile, and Verizon still won’t (or can’t) offer unlimited data.

Their announcement goes on to claims-

that we’re first (again) to introduce new technology that delivers a massive 2x speed boost to customers. 4×4 MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) doubles the number of data paths between a cell site and your phone.  Double the paths = up to double the speed than before!

This new advanced technology is available NOW in 319 cities. Customers with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be able to use this new technology with a software update later this month, and more phones will support it soon.

TMO also claims-

we’re also first to launch another new technology – 256 QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) for downloads and 64 QAM for uploads.  These new technologies increase the number of bits delivered per transmission for even faster speeds. In fact, combined with 4×4 MIMO, 256 QAM delivers download speeds up to a blazing fast 400 Mbps.

256 QAM and 64 QAM are already live in half our network, and by end of October, we’ll light up every single cell site across our nationwide network. Customers with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be able to use this new technology with a software update in October, with more phones on the way.

Just before dropping the mic they finally claim they’re-

proud to announce T-Mobile now covers nearly 312 million!  That’s right.  Verizon’s claimed coverage advantage is gone. We cover 99.7% of the people Verizon does. Now, almost everyone can choose a faster, more advanced network from T-Mobile – a network that can handle unlimited with more cell sites and more spectrum per customer than Verizon. A network that already carries 55% more data per customer than Verizon.

There’s a reason Verizon and AT&T don’t offer everyone unlimited high-speed data and have been running away from it for years – their networks just can’t handle it.  Their networks were built when a phone call was the #1 smartphone app – not Instagram or Pokémon Go or Snapchat.  Their network was not built to handle the massive amounts of data people use today.  T-Mobile’s network was built a generation later with newer technology – and it was built for how people use smartphones today – for massive amounts of data!


I’m not sure if I buy into all the hype but if they keep it up I wouldn’t be surprised if TMO rolls out an app for Time Travel….


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