SympleID Kickstarter Project goes live

Symple ID – Ditch your password & grab your phone!

Symple ID - Ditch your password & grab your phone!
Symple ID – Ditch your password & grab your phone!

Sick of usernames and passwords? Worried about security? Why not tap to sign-in instead? Symple ID makes signing in secure and simple.

Just Tap to Sign-in!

While storing your credentials in the browser might seem convenient, security experts know that it isn’t secure. But with the average person holding more than 20 online accounts, creating unique and strong passwords for each, and remembering them all, is nearly impossible.

Symple ID to the Rescue!

Thankfully there’s Symple ID. Symple ID turns your smartphone into your online digital ID and provides a high security two-factor authentication solution that’s fun and easy to use.

Symple ID App

Using Symple ID is a lot like using “tap to pay” with your credit card or “mobile payment” on your smartphone. But instead of helping you to make a purchase securely, we help you to sign into sites and apps on your paired laptop or desktop securely.

Symple ID users simply tap their smartphone to a digital ID in order to sign into Banking Websites, Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), email (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) and web apps (Salesforce, Netflix and Dropbox, etc.).

Digital IDs – Wristband Style

With Symple ID you carry your online credentials with you, fully encrypted on your phone, as opposed to online (a target for hackers) or on your laptop/desktop (not portable and easily hacked). And importantly we don’t store any of your credentials on our servers.

Symple ID’s two-factor authentication makes your accounts more secure; they can only be unlocked by using both your phone AND your unique digital ID.

Symple ID also allows you to increase your online security by using passwords that are strong (e.g., 100 randomly-generated letters, numbers and punctuation) and unique for all of your online accounts.

Symple ID also protects you against phishing attacks that try to steal your account information. When you follow a link to a site after clicking on it in an email or online, Symple ID automatically compares its address to the legitimate addresses of sites stored in your ID. Even if a site “looks” like the real thing, Symple ID doesn’t log you in if the addresses don’t match.

What is Symple ID?

Symple ID is a “two-factor” login solution that protects your accounts by requiring two-factors (your phone and a digital ID) to be used together to unlock them.

Symple ID consists of an encrypted application on your smartphone, a unique near-field communication ID (wristband, key-fob, sticker, or wallet card) and an extension to your Chrome browser.

Credit Card IDs
Key Fob IDs
Sticker IDs

How Does it Work?

As you surf the web or use web applications, Symple ID automatically detects logins.

Login Detected by Symple ID

As you fill-in logins for websites, or web applications, Symple ID automatically stores them.

Now Just Tap your Phone to your ID and You’re In!

The next time you visit a stored site or application, Symple ID will play an audio notification and will prompt you to “tap to sign-in”.

Securely Share your Credentials with Other Apps

When you tap to sign-in with Symple ID, your credentials are sent from your phone through a secure server to your browser for login. Nothing is stored to the laptop/desktop you are using; making Symple ID perfect for use at home, on work or friend’s computers or in internet cafes.

If you need to share login credentials from your Symple ID to another app on your phone, its as easy as a tap as well.

So there you have it. If you want to login automatically; just tap. If you want to share a login; just tap.

That’s all there is to it :) we told you it was Symple!

What Do I Need to Use Symple ID?

A laptop or desktop (Mac or PC), Google Chrome Browser, and an NFC-enabled BlackBerry 10 (Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30, Porsche Design P9982), BlackBerry 7 (Bold 9790/9900/9930 and Curve 9350/9360/9370/9380) or Android (ver. 2.3.3/Gingerbread MR1) Smartphone.

The Story Behind Symple ID

Symple ID grew out of my own personal frustration with passwords and usernames. I was sick of trying to remember which username and password I used where and I had started to use the same one everywhere. I knew that this was a risky and silly thing to do, but like most people, I couldn’t find a more secure and simple alternative.

At first I started experimenting with existing two-factor authentication (TFA) systems as a way to increase my security. The idea behind TFA is to use your existing password in combination with a separate code to prevent others from accessing your accounts. The result was certainly more secure, but to be honest “clunky” at best and a pain to use.

The more I used two-factor authentication and saw its spread across the web, however, the more I felt that from a security standpoint it had a lot to offer. It just wasn’t convenient to use.

It dawned on me that what was needed was a two-factor solution that offered high security yet was simple to use. I also saw the rising trends of mobile payment (tap to pay with your phone), near-field communication technology, and wearable tech, and thought it would be awesome if they could all somehow be combined into a simple and secure solution to the password problem that would be fun to use.

This in a nutshell is Symple ID! A secure two-factor authentication solution that uses you smartphone and a digital NFC-based ID to sign you into online services and applications with a simple tap :)

Symple ID Development History

Symple ID has come along way since the early days! We’ve been through a couple of name changes, and a stack of mock-ups as well as prototypes along the way :)

Here are a few we’d like to share with you:

Digital ID Concept Drawing
Digital ID Concept Drawing
Digital ID Prototypes
Digital ID Prototypes
Symple ID Application Mock-up
Symple ID Application Mock-up
Symple ID Application Mock-up
Symple ID Application Mock-up
Symple ID Application Mock-up
Symple ID Application Mock-up

Current State of Development

We’re in great shape to deliver. We’ve already developed and tested beta versions of Symple ID for the Android, BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 platforms. We’ve sourced digital IDs (wrist bands, credit cards, key fobs, stickers) and we’ve setup our secure server resources. In fact, we’re already using the Symple ID beta on a daily basis and loving it!

However, we need YOUR help to take the next step and produce a polished product. Your pledges will help make Symple ID a big success by paying for the manufacturing of digital IDs and the development effort to help move Symple ID from a beta to a released product. We already have a ton of great feedback from beta testers and are ready to spring into action!

*Symple ID is Patent Pending*

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter


Building Symple ID isn’t without risk, but we feel confident that we can deliver by the project deadlines and have built in a margin of error to our estimates.

We have a functioning beta product in place and plenty of feedback from beta testers, so we’re ready to push ahead and produce a market-ready product.

One of the factors which may impact schedule is the ordering and receipt of the various IDs (wristband, key-fob, sticker, or wallet card). These will come from a nearby Canadian supplier whom we have had experience working with. However, depending on the quantities required as a result of the campaign, it is possible that there will be delays in filling orders. In order to guard against this, we will be in touch with our supplier throughout the Kickstarter project period to keep them up to date on the number and style of IDs required so that they can spring into action as well soon as the backing period ends.

Project Schedule:

* Beginning of May; Kickstarter funding received
* Week of May 12; orders for digital IDs placed with supplier. Delivery time is approximately 3 weeks
* Week of May 12; application development to finalize the application begins; 8 weeks elapsed time is planned
* Week of June 9; pick-up IDs from supplier and begin programming IDs
* Week of June 16; continue programming IDs, prepare packaging for shipping
* Weeks of June 30 and July 7; shipping of digital IDs and emails to backers with instructions for for installing Symple ID and ditching their passwords!