Switching From BB10 To Windows Phone? No Thank You…

My Eyes! Dear Lord My Eyes!
My Eyes! Dear Lord My Eyes!

You know, there was a time I thought of Windows Phone almost as a friend. Now, I know that in the phone industry, there are no true friends, even Samsung and Google seem to be playing old west poker, all smiles and playing nice, with one hand on their revolver. But something about Windows Phone, and the situation they have been in made me feel a certain sense of brotherhood with them.

They’re not Android. They don’t have that big name app of the week that Google and Apple tell us we must have. The users get trolled by Phandroids and Sheep just like us. Fine, it was a case of ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend”, and I’ve been okay with this. But today that has changed for me. Today I saw the following video.

Now the video in itself isn’t so bad. It’s simply a tutorial video of how to move your information from one phone to a new Nokia. And if you look at their other videos on YouTube, it’s not just BlackBerry that they’ve made videos for. All in all, just a nice bit of customer education. However, the script on their page tells a much different story.

Switching from BlackBerry to Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8 is easier than you think After all, with the best looking handsets, the best features and a stream-lined Windows Phone 8 OS, it makes BlackBerry look old and slow. Nokia has made it easier than ever, so ditch that BlackBerry and switch to Windows Phone, it’s easy.

Is it really necessary to make a statement like that? Never mind the fact that they have their brand new canary yellow phone (really, who gets a canary yellow phone? Something must be deficient somewhere) laying over a line drawing of an old legacy BlackBerry. Trackball and all.

Moving your apps, tunes and photos from your Blackberry is easier than you think. What’s more, if you’re already using a Blackberry and worried that switching to another platform will be a lot of unnecessary hassle, then fear not.

Not so much… I’m fairly certain that Windows Phone can not run BB10 apps. I’m also pretty sure that Windows Phone also can’t play android apps. Plus, they’re in the same boat we are. No they’re worse off. Windows phone doesn’t have all the big names apps either. And they can’t just snap on apk’s like we can either. So, sorry. This is a flat out lie.

I don’t know what came over them. We seemed to be having a friendly time with Windows Phone. Maybe the Magenta Madman is filling them up with confidence since he has to push them now since BlackBerry fired them. Whatever the cause, Nokia, take my hand, let me help you down the steps so we can get you nice and comfy in your new home Under The Bridge.

Let me introduce everyone. Phandroid, Sheep, meet your new room mate…

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  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    I love the ending. locco_smiley_32

  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    Oh and can someone turn off the Nokia? It’s really really really bright. I can see it being useful if I were stranded on a deserted island and need to signal the space station for help.

  • nnik

    lmao! But still, you gotta feel sorry for them, yes? NOT!

  • nnik

    out of curiosity ; who the hell buys a yellow phone? unless of course you’re 12